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Press kit

1999 January 9, L'éclaireur-progrès
Nico et ses amis font du bon rock

1997 Juin  Le Musicen

(magazine of the musician and the professionel of the audio)
Le guitariste Donald Loignon à plein gaz

Here is the very first album of the guitarist Donald Loignon who is counted his own instrumental compositions together with the bass player Jean Bolduc and the percussionist Maximme Veilleux. His songs, where the electrical guitar prevails, do not fit with a definite style, sometimes marrying the blues and the ballade. The guitarist does not follow a guiding line, he trusts rather what he feels by working techniques and agreements..

1997 may newspaper Soleil)
Comme Satriani
(Donald Loignon, réalise son disque rock instrumental)

Admirer of Satriani, Eddie VanHalen and Yngwie Malmsteen, Loignon now wants to introduce the disc on stage, because he says it is in concert that its compositions take life.« I taught tremendously in studio, but in a sense you are too much restricted, supervised. On stage, you can play your room 80 % as the original and you can extemporize. Improvisation allows you to explore, to add. It is a big pleasure. »

1997 April  newspaper L'Impact
Premier album pour Donald Loignon

1997 April  La une du matin
Donald Loignon Lance son premier disque

1996 , 22 novembre, La Une du matin

Un album pour Donald Loignon

1995 , L'éclaireur-progrès
Loignon l'enfer


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