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    Technical avises - Muff your strings

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Technical avises - Muff your strings

There are two ways of muff your strings :

1) With the palm of the right hand
Touch slightly with the palm of the right hand all the strings or the strings wished while pressing slightly on the bridge of your guitar.

This technic is employed in several styles of music as in the folk . Also with the use of the distortion, this makes the play of electric guitar cleaner. It can thus be advantageous to practise this technique in the rock music. The rock groups like Métallica, for example, make use of it to produce a heavier sound.

If you have a vibrato made well attention not support too much on this last, because that can return your agreements and / or your false notes. Here an example of this technique recorded with a accoustic
(Comming soon)

2) With the left hand

With the left hand, do its agreement or, notes while pressing slightly on the strings, in order not to intend to resound the notes.

This technique is very much used in the blues and the rock. Some guitarists like Jimmi Hendrix and Steve Vai use it with a wha wha what gives a very interesting effect. Edward Van Halen, employs it much in a part of the last album: " Without you ". Here now an example recorded with the accoustic guitar.
(Comming soon)





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