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    Guitar lessons - Exercise blues 1 (rhythmic)

Introduction to the blues
Exercise blues 1 (rhythmic)
Exercice blues 2 (lead + rythmic)
Exercice 3: Blues: lead only

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Introduction to the blues

According to some, the blues forms the basis of music. It's the style which led all of us towards the rock'n'roll, the jazz, hard rock and so on. For other, the blues is the music which always returns, a source of inspiration for the music of today. For me, it is the music which made us and still makes us know great guitarists like Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Marino, Jeff Healey and more. These veterans and new " bluesman " can teach us so mush. Their music is to be explored, it releases an incomparable " feeling " other musical styles. Here thus certain exercises which I can name without claim like " introduction to the blues ".

Exercise blues 1 (rhythmic)

Here a first very simple exercise rhythmic .The continuation of agreements is A7, E7 and B7.

Exercice 1
( Extract sound )

Tablature of the exercice 1

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exeryt2.gif (5539 bytes)
exeryt3.gif (5474 bytes)
exeryt4.gif (5185 bytes)
exeryt5.gif (5208 bytes)
exeryt6.gif (3054 bytes)



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