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    Technical avises - The Use of these pick-up

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The Use of these pick-up

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The Use of these pick-up

  ( Extract sound )
The first part is played with my pick up. There is a short stop and I continue with the single coil close to the neck.

The adequate use of your pick up can bring a personal touch to your solos. With the help of your swith, this will allow you to 3 or 5 different positions. You can change pick-up frequently while you play. If you choose the positon of the pick-up close to the handle you will get a deeper sound. Or if you decide on the position close to the bridge. You will get a sound a lot more clear. They are two position of the pick-up making it possible to give various textures to your solos and your rhythmic.

For myself, to obtain a sound that will stand out more, i use two different pick-up, from these two positions. I have a humbucking (reels double) close to the bridge. This one enables me to obtain a rock sound with many attack , sustain and distortion. Actually i recommend the use of this technic to you when you make connections , harmonic picks, heavy keys, hammer, and when you are using the tone vibrato. It highlights more your master keys because your notes are played a way very distinct.

As for the single coil which i use , it is located close to the handle. It generates a deeper soud , the notes have less substain then with the double pick up. Thus , your notes are much more dependent. This is a perfect when you want to make aspeggios, picked notes and faster master keys. To give ans idea of the sound that give these pick up : i suggest that you listen to : Yngwie Malsteen. This musican uses a lot of single coil near the neck (handle). Even more if you know the first album of Edward VanHalen , you will notice that in his first album, he used only a double coil close to the bridge what gave him this aggressive sound and heavy which makes its trade mark.

I very often pass from one pick up to the orther, according to the type of master keys which i use. You can test various types of master keys with your two pick-up. You will see which you prefer for much type. Then with force to alternate using your switch, which must be place closer to your right hand, this will become instinctif. You will feel it even at the time of improvisation.




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